Welcome to Mainland Cheddar Cheese in the USA!

“At Mainland, cheddar cheese is our passion, the tradition is savored and the process never rushed. As we say...good things take time!”

What nature creates, Fonterra enhances to bring the best of dairy’s goodness to generations of consumers around the world. Fonterra is built on a rich heritage of dairy expertise and passion producing the extraordinary rich and sharp Mainland family of naturally aged cheddar cheeses in the heartland of New Zealand.

Mainland Cheddar Cheese symbolizes Fonterra craftsmanship and quality and all Mainland cheeses are made using traditional cheese-making methods. Every block of Mainland Cheddar Cheese is perfectly matured before we bring it to the market and has that special and unique ingredient that gives the cheese its unique Mainland flavor - patience.

The Mainland brand celebrated its 50th birthday in 2005 and is among the best known and highly regarded dairy brands in the world. The premium quality Mainland Cheddar Cheeses have won numerous awards over the years

.Mainland Cheddar Cheese is appreciated by consumers for its balanced nutrition, quality craftsmanship and sheer indulgence. Try our superb Mainland Cheddar Cheese and experience why Mainland is one most loved dairy brands in the world.

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Mainland Cheddar Cheese is distributed through Fonterra (USA) Inc. in Rosemont, Illinois. If you have any questions about Mainland Cheddar Cheese or Fonterra, please feel free to contact us any time by calling +1.847.928.1682 or Email us.

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